best of all three choices, get them all

Three Choices Campaign


Best, Fast or Cheap?

Most everything we acquire in life involves a choice between Best, Fast or Cheap.  Getting the very best of something generally means you will have to wait a little bit and spend a lot. If you need delivery of something ASAP it will cost you more and you may have to accept something of lesser quality. If you are looking for the very cheapest it may take a bit longer to acquire and the quality will be bottom of the barrel.

What's true in life is true in marketing. The very best in marketing is costly and takes time. The cheapest marketing does not produce the best results. To deliver a campaign in a hurry means compromising on the quality and you can't argue about price. In marketing, as in life, you get to pick one and have to compromise on the other two.


Marketing Compromises You Can Live With

When you are considering any marketing solution, product or plan keep the three choices in mind. Does the solution you are considering offer you the best results, the most leads? If so can you afford it? If it's affordable will it deliver the results you need, in the time frame you need it?

Email marketing can be very successful; it still produces the best overall return on your marketing investment. But can you reach enough prospects through their inbox? Do you have or can you get a really good mailing list, with the demographics you need to make sales?

Social media is another channel that can produce great results. But how much will you need to invest in time and money to build your connections and how do you convert them into sales?

A company web site is still the most common marketing tool, everybody has one. But only a handful succeed in attracting a lot of visitors. You can try SEO and PPC solutions to help drive more traffic, but at what cost?  And ultimately any traffic you are able to attract still has to be converted into a lead or a sale. So what is your total investment in time and money and effort?

No matter the vehicle, plan or technology, you need to ask yourself. Is this a complete solution or is it just one step? What are the remaining steps to get to my end result? What is the total cost and how long will all this take?

When considering your marketing options be sure you understand the compromises you are making in balancing Best, Fast and Cheap.


Consider bizApps™ Before You Decide

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