Open your bizMail+ account for $99

Marketing without limits, buy what you need when you need it!




tells you who opened the email

tells you in real time

lets you respond with a single click

Learn who is serious and who is not


With bizMail+ you get bizMail with all the options, Tracking Intelligence, more email deliveries, but with a package discount. Keep up with your buyers the moment they show interest.


Real Time Tracking Intelligence

Open your bizMail+ dashboard to monitor email opens. Get to know who is opening your email campaigns and respond back to them quickly.


Enhanced Feature #1 - Media Gallery

Media Gallery eliminates the need for external links in your email messages. You can embed a video inside your message. No more links to YouTube or any other secondary vendor is needed. With Media Gallery your media file is hosted inside your bizMail account. That means you can use audio, video, graphics animations, presentations and even PDF files with no external links. Your readers never leave your bizMail messages. No chance they can get distracted on another web site while viewing your file.



With bizMail+ you also gain a gallery to store all your media files for easy storage and retrieval. You never have to leave your bizMail account to go find that PDF or video you want to use. It's right there in your bizMail menu and it's unlimited. You can store as many files as you like.

bizMail+ also insures you against accidental deletions. Media Gallery will not let you delete a media file from your gallery if that file is being used in any campaign or message. This important safeguard prevents you from sending out a campaign message with the media file missing. You can feel safe knowing any campaign you schedule will be complete.


Enhanced Feature #2 - Enhanced List Segmentation

With bizMail you can create, store and use as many mailing lists as you want. With bizMail+ you can use that capability to truly exploit marketing segmentation. With Enhanced List Segmentation (ELS) you can easily search your entire prospect database for commonalities, sort the results and create a new mailing list.



For instance you could search all your prospects for those who are owners or CEO's. Take the results and create a mailing list for a campaign targeted to those executive decision makers.

  With ELS you can add one list to another creating a new combined list.
  With ELS you can subtract one list from another creating a new refined list.
  With ELS you can build multiple lists when you import new prospect data.


bizMail's ELS gives you a marketing tool that has previously only been available to large corporate marketing departments (and not even all of them have it).


Extra Email Deliveries

A standard bizMail subscription includes up to 5,000 email deliveries each month. With bizMail+ you get an additional 1000 email deliveries each month. Those 12,000 additional emails could generate another 100 new leads or sales for you this year!


bizMail+ Package Price

You can add Media Gallery and ELS to your bizMail account right now. But with the roll out of bizMail+ in March you will have the opportunity to save on the total cost plus gain the additional email deliveries. So stay tuned for the big roll out of bizMail+.