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Know who is interested in your offer right there and then, and respond with a single click, thus increasing your chances of closing the deal.



tells you who opened the email

tells you in real time

lets you respond with a single click

Know who is serious and who is not


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How effective is bizMail+?

With bizMail+, you get bizMail with Media Gallery, Enhanced List Segmentation. Plus you gain access to Enhanced Tracking Intelligence and additional free deliveries. All of this with a package discount. So you still build your prospect database up to a quarter of a million records! Your subscription price does not change no matter how many emails you send, or mailing lists you create or campaigns you build. The enhanced tracking intelligence lets you keep up with your buyers the moment they show interest.

You increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. With one touch feature, you can respond to your buyer while they are still thinking about your offer. You gain a higher ROI in a shorter payback period. Your buyers receive promotions specific to them and you build better opt-in list.


"As a sales professional, I was searching for a way to easily reach a large number of prospects using the internet. I found that bizApps is an extremely effective tool. I was able to attract an audience and determine the exact interest level of each of my prospects. The over-all results were a verifiable hit ratio of over 20%. The system allows me to quickly know which of my prospects are truly interested. I've also been able to easily create professional emails and incorporate them in a campaign to generate on-going interest." -- Dana


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79% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service if they receive promotions specific to them
-- Campaign Monitor


bizMail+ Features

Email Marketing is the easy, effective, and affordable way to connect with your customers and build a new prospect base. With bizMail+, you can build and start delivering your email campaigns in just a few minutes. With Enhanced Intelligence Tracking and CRM, your campaigns become more and more effective.

You get -


a) all the standard bizMail features. See details...


b) bizMail add on - Media Gallery. See details...


c) bizMail add on - Enhanced List Segmentation (ELS). See details...


d) Enhanced Intelligence Tracking


e) Enhanced CRM


Extra Email Deliveries

A standard bizMail subscription includes up to 5,000 email deliveries each month. With bizMail+ you get an additional 1000 email deliveries each month. Those 12,000 additional emails could easily generate another 100 new leads or sales for you this year!


bizMail vs bizMail+

With bizMail+, you get all the features of standard bizMail plus two add-ons at a discounted price plus two enhanced features for free!


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"Over the last 6 months, I've run several customized email campaigns for my Inside Sales Team. By using the dashboard, we're instantly able to see the results. This allows my team to be much more productive. This is a must for any Inside Sales Team." --Dave


There are over 100 email marketing platforms, programs, or systems in the market today. You are likely familiar with one or more of them. So to help you understand how we are different, we have compiled a comparison chart. Read more...


Mix N. Match

You can mix and match the bizApps applications. For example, to use videos and email marketing, you can use either of the following combinations:

bizVideo and bizMail:
     Use video to market, sell and build your list, then continue marketing to your list with email.

bizVideo and bizMail+:
     Use video to market, sell and build your list, then continue marketing to your list with enhanced email marketing.

bizVideo and bizLead:
     Use video to market, sell and build your list, then expand your reach with integrated multi-channel marketing.



Path for Unlimited Growth


Your marketing needs will undergo changes. When you are ready for totally integrated multi-channel campaigns, you can seamlessly migrate to bizLead.


The Training You Need

If you migrated from bizMail to bizMail+, you almost know how to operate bizMail+. Otherwise, with online assistance for every menu and screen help only a click away, the bizMail+ Quick Start Tutorial gets you up and running in no time.


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