Does DIY Marketing deliver?


Make Your Prospects Count


Email vendors love to count

If you are familiar with Sesame Street then you know Count von Count. He's the friendly purple vampire who just loves to count everything. Apparently email vendors are big fans of the Count as they all seem to have an endless fascination with counting your prospects.  Every time they see a prospect on one of your mailing lists they count it.

They count every month and send you the bill

They count your prospects month after month and they can count to some really big numbers. But then they do something that I never saw the Count ever do. They send you a bill for all that counting.

Every month you pay based on their count. But they're not just counting the total number of prospects in your account. They are counting every prospect on every mailing list in your account. Let’s say you build a list of prospects that have purchased your chocolate chip cookies and a list of prospects that purchased brownies. If a prospect purchased both products, he is on both lists and gets counted twice.


Today's word is "inflation"

Let's say you manufacture a dozen different cookies. And you have one furry green customer who really likes cookies so he's on all your lists. He's counted as twelve prospects every month.

By the way, it makes no difference if you ever send that prospect an email. He adds twelve to your total every month.

With this counting scheme a small database of 5000 prospects could easily be counted as 10 or 20 thousand. Twenty thousand times twelve months begins to add up.


Here's an idea
Instead of counting all your prospects, why not make your prospects count?

At bizApps we think making your prospects count for something is far more important than just counting them. The real value of prospects is their potential new sales, repeat sales, referrals and testimonials. But to realize that potential you must keep marketing to them. You must stay in touch, develop and maintain your relationship for as long as you can.

With bizMail you can afford put your email in their inboxes every week. No matter how many prospects or mailing lists you have bizMail costs just the same per month. One simple flat rate price each month. With bizMail you focus your efforts on adding prospects, not counting them. You can work on getting those opens and click thru's so your prospects can count for something valuable.