Does DIY Marketing deliver?

The DIY Fantasy

Maybe you have seen the ads online, web sites with headlines blaring

“You Can Be A Marketer!”

“Grow your business in your spare time, with the Easy Email System”

“Buy Constant Conflict, write a few emails and the customers will come rolling in”

It sounds like the answer to all your marketing dreams. But is it?  Can you truly create and deliver all your own marketing and generate the leads you need to grow your business?

Does DIY Marketing deliver?


It's a fantasy!

It's a fantasy and actually it's one you've already seen on TV. You've seen it on those remodeling “reality” shows. The shows where a young couple with no prior experience or training buy a wreck of a house. They invest a few weekends of labor, a bunch of 'magic money' (the numbers never add up) and build the house of their dreams.


DIY Remodeling & DIY Marketing

Same Fantasy

It's a wonderful fantasy unfortunately the reality is quite different. After three months that young couple has a roof falling in because they tore out a load bearing wall. Their floors are ruined and the basement is flooded because they busted a water line.

For the business owner who falls for the DIY Marketing Fantasy the results are much the same. After months of stress and late nites you managed to actually write and deliver only a handful of emails. You built a very small mailing list of old leads, existing customers and some friends. You have lost months of time; you're out thousands of dollars and generated no leads.


What Went Wrong?

The reality is that just like the young couple, you do not have the skills, the tools or the time needed for marketing (see The Four Requirements of Marketing). I have met a lot of sharp business owners and executives. But none of them were marketing professionals. They were all experts in their field but not in marketing.

Do you have the skills to write effective marketing copy? Do you have any experience designing integrated marketing campaigns? Have you ever built a web site or written HTML code?

Even if you have these skills, do you have the tools you need? What programs will you use to write, format and deliver an email campaign? How will you build and host landing pages?  What social media tools do you need to post messages to your groups?

But most of all, do you have the time?

I don't know any business owners or executives who have a lot of time on their hands. After taking care of customers, producing their product, managing employees and dealing with vendors they don't have any time.

That is the great DIY Marketing Fantasy. That somehow, even if you have the skills and the tools, you will magically find the time to produce and deliver your own marketing.

As the founder and owner of Pixlinc I understand your lack of time. That is why we have introduced bizApps™. With bizApps programs we spend our time, our professionals use our tools, to produce your marketing. You spend your time running your business while we produce and deliver your marketing.

So now the next time you see a vendor declaring that you can produce your own marketing, that “you can be a marketer” you should declare “Yes I Can...with bizApps”