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Coming this fall from bizApps

A Revolution in Digital Marketing


Coming soon, bizLead! The first cloud based truly integrated multi channel marketing tool with real time data.

bizLead incorporates all the features of bizMail+ and introduces a whole new marketing technology. No longer just email, bizLead takes you into the real world of multi- channel and fully integrated marketing.


Features of bizLead

Expand Prospect Database

Build your prospect database up to half a million records! Enough room for even the aggressive mid size company.


Integrated Marketing

A Marketing Manager’s dream, bizLead integrates multi channel marketing into one point of control. Now you can build campaigns using email, web pages, SEO, social media and even mobile channels right from your desk. With bizLead you can create, manage and monitor all campaigns data right from your tablet, laptop or cell phone.


Hosted Landing Pages

You can create and host custom landing pages within your bizLead account. No need for intervention by the IT Department or the web team to build your marketing campaign.


Mobile Marketing

Use the bizApps mobile app to create your own database of mobile subscribers. Deliver your campaigns via mobile messaging and all other digital channels from your bizLead account. No outside vendors needed.


Real Time Data Monitoring

Open your bizLead dashboard to monitor email opens, landing page click thru's, CTA responses and more. Get the big picture with compiled data and drill down to the individual data easily, quickly and in real time.


Inquiry Form

Customize your inquiry form for every campaign if you like. Add the form to any email, landing page or web page right from your bizLead menus.


Additional bizLead Features



The bizApps keyword research tool will be available with bizlead. The bizLead SEO tool will also post metadata within your campaigns, landing pages and mobile messages. Submit new pages to search engines and help drive traffic to your campaigns and web site.



Automatically translate your content into 45 different languages


Social Media

Create and manage social media messages within bizLead. Post your campaign messages to your Facebook wall, Linked In stream and your twitter account.


Spread The Word

Add share buttons to any and all of your campaign elements.
Add refer buttons to any and all campaign elements.


Dynamic QR Codes

Generate your own dynamic QR codes for your campaigns, business cards, brochures or any print media. Dynamic codes never go out of date and you tie them to your campaigns. To update you simply update the content in your bizLead account. Use them to track direct mail campaigns or even bill boards.


All of these bizLead features and even more are coming your way by fall 2020