Does DIY Marketing deliver?


No More Mysteries

Today I'm going to show you eight great benefits of bizMail's boring billing.  Let's get right to it and take a look at the list.


Eight Benefits of Boring Billing

1. Add all the prospects you want, they never cost you an extra penny. We never penalize you for generating leads. You never have to choose between growing your business or paying us more money. You are free to grow your database and your company as large as you like.

2. Same price every month locks down your costs. You can accurately predict cash flow and keep your accountant happy.

3. No mysteries, you know exactly how much your email marketing costs. Just look at the price list and decide if there are any extra goodies you want to add this month. No stress, no mystery. You're in control.

4. Life throws enough complications and surprises at you. The cost of your email doesn't have to be one of them. bizMail is easy and up front giving you one less thing to worry about.

5. Pricing per subscriber creates a big conflict. Do you add more subscribers and risk your vendor jacking up your costs? Or do you shut down your marketing to protect your cash?  bizMail flat rate pricing eliminates that constant conflict.

6. No long term contracts. bizMail is month to month.  

7. No mystery about the price or the status of your account. You dashboard shows your renewal date, number of emails sent, number of emails left, add on's purchased and what you paid. Everything is right there at all times.

8. Accurate prospect counts. We don't count "subscribers" but you can see how many prospects you have in your database at any time. you can track your progress towards goals. You can see which campaigns are bringing in the leads.


Some Surprises You Will Like

You will be surprised by everything you get with bizMail. Features like unlimited mailing lists, unlimited campaigns, fast and easy segmentation, reusable assets and so much more. In fact it's so laden with features and benefits I can't begin to show them all to you here.



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