We Harnessed the True Power of Video Marketing

So You Can Unleash that Power In Your Video Campaigns


Drive More Traffic

Build Bigger Lists

Capture More Opt Ins

Generate More Leads

Add More Subscribers

Grow Sales



The World's First Marketing Tool
To Harness the True Power of Video Marketing

  • video grabs and holds peoples' attention

  • but video cannot capture prospect data

  • bizVideo captures data at peak point of engagement

  • you can respond ASAP

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The True Power of Video Marketing Begins With
the Power of Video


Video is Able to Grab and Hold the Viewers' Attention

The power of video is its ability to grab and then hold onto the viewers' attention. If you have their attention, you can get your message through. If you get your message through, then your marketing is successful.

Video Has to be Seen

Video cannot grab anyone's attention if they're not watching. Video cannot drive traffic or generate leads if there are no viewers. Video is completely powerless if nobody ever sees it.

Video Cannot Market Itself

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 grossed over 1.3 billion worldwide. In order to do that Warner Bros. released it in thousands of theaters around the world and pushed it out with a multi million dollar marketing campaign. That's how they got millions of people to see their movie.

You have produced your video, but it cannot magically market itself. You have to create a marketing campaign to get your video out there where people can see it.

Getting your video seen is the first job of your bizVideo marketing campaign.

bizVideo Campaigns
Get Your Video Campaign Seen by More People

Maximum Exposure Delivers Maximum Results
More People See Your Campaign when it's on More Channels and Sources
That's How You Grow Your Business with bizVideo

bizVideo Harnesses the

Power of Online Channels

Easily Link Your Campaign
with Email, Web Pages, Facebook and More

bizVideo makes it easy to put your video anywhere and everywhere so everyone can find it.

Customer Comments & Conversations

Jennifer - personal products

No other marketing tool can place your video on more channels than bizVideo. It's so easy to link your bizVideo campaign to any online channel; there simply is no reason not to use them all.

  • Jennifer's targeted buyers can view her video from her emails, her web site and her business cards
  • Easy access to her campaign offers puts her ahead of the competition

If you can cut and paste, you can put your bizVideo campaign anywhere online easily...

Want to put your campaign in an email blast?

Paste the link and done

Want to put your campaign on a web page?

Paste the link and done

Want to put your campaign on Facebook?

Paste the link and done

Want to put your campaign on WhatsApp?

Paste the link and done

Want to put your campaign on a landing page?

Paste the link and done

Want to put your campaign on a blog?

Paste the link and done

But What about Brochures, Magazine Ads, T-Shirts or Television Ads?

Introducing bizVideo Offline Campaign Links

Transform T-shirts, Brochures and Direct Mail into Video Campaigns!

We weren't content with building the world's greatest online video marketing tool. We went one giant step further and made bizVideo the world's greatest offline video marketing tool as well.

Now anyone can access your campaign directly from hundreds of offline sources. Your bizVideo offline links (QR codes) instantly transform your brochure into a video campaign. Imagine prospects viewing your campaign by scanning a T-shirt!

With bizVideo, when someone puts your business card in their pocket, they're putting your video campaign in their pocket.


How many views could you add to your video campaign if you gave away
1000 T shirts or mugs with your campaign link?

Each person will scan their shirt or jacket multiple times to watch your video campaign

Every time they invite a friend to scan their shirt,
your campaign gains a new view

True Story from AJ

Recently a vendor gave me a really nice promotional coffee mug. I took a video from their web site, built a campaign for them and put the campaign QR code on their mug. Then I scanned the link with my cell phone and watched their video campaign. In less than 10 minutes I turned their static promotional item into a video campaign.

Turn T-Shirts and Jackets into interactive video campaigns with bizVideo!

But How Can I Monetize bizVideo?

Eleven ways to monetize
Here's Three Just For Starters

Build your own campaigns to generate high quality sales leads and grow your business. Each lead is yours alone, not shared or sold to four other people. Every lead is a motivated buyer. Every lead clearly wants and/or has a need for your product or service. These are the leads you can convert to sales.
Grow your direct sales by linking your order form or store front to your campaign. To get the order while they are excited, put your order form link right below your video. You make it easy for them to buy at their peak point of interest.
Make money building bizVideo campaigns for clients. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to build video marketing campaigns with less than half the coverage of bizVideo. You can offer them more channels and add in Offline sources at a fraction of that cost. It's a very profitable win win.
For more monetizing ideas keep reading...

Build Your bizVideo Campaign in
Less Than 2 Minutes

In Three simple Steps

Give your campaign a title

Add your video

Add your offer

Have you invested in video marketing?

Are you already using a product to create your videos?

What are you doing with those videos?

Are your video campaigns bringing in more leads, opt-ins, subscribers and sales than you can handle? If not, you need to start building effective campaigns with those videos. Why not leverage all the time, energy and money you've invested in videos? Make them the stars of your bizVideo campaigns so they can start producing the results you need to grow your business.

You made your videos, now it's time to make your video marketing.

Grow Business
Invest in bizVideo

Never Have To Reprint or Republish

Change your offer, change your video as many times as you like. Everyone sees your latest content every time.

No need to reprint or republish any marketing materials. All campaign links, both online and offline update automatically.

Customer Comments & Conversations

Jim - employment consultant and coach

  • Jim needs to update his campaigns with new information and video
  • With bizVideo's evergreen links and QR codes, he avoids reprinting and redistributing his materials each time he updates
  • When someone scans his poster, they always see the latest campaign
  • Now you can transform your printed materials into video campaigns

Grow Business
Invest in bizVideo

The Problem with Most Video Marketing Is Not the Video, It's the Marketing

Four Ways Video Marketing Fails
Far too many videos are left to languish on a web site with little to no traffic. Very little traffic means very few views and that means very little results.
Most small businesses stuff their new video in a single email blast. Small scale one and done email marketing simply cannot produce the views needed for a successful campaign.
Common practice these days is to post your new video on your Facebook page. But how many people will see it there? According to Facebook, the average account only has 338 followers. So simply posting your video on Facebook is not going to produce thousands of views.
If you're talking about video marketing, you have to talk about YouTube. It seems like everybody is posting their videos on YouTube. But on average, most YouTube channels only generate 50 - 150 views in a month. Even if all those views were the same video, it's not enough to build your business.

Limited access to a limited audience equals
video marketing failure

Break free from the single channel, one and done marketing failures
Use bizVideo to put your campaigns on a dozen or more channels!
Keep sending those emails
Keep your campaign posted on social sites for as long as you like
Let everyone see your video at anytime!

That's Video Marketing Done Right!

Don't blame your video for your marketing failure. Your video cannot market itself. That's the job of your video marketing campaign.

Monetize Idea #11

(this one is so hot we couldn't wait to tell you)
Do you sell products that your customers use to make videos?
Then They Need bizVideo and you are the best person to sell it to them!

Thanks to you they are now producing their own marketing videos. But what are they doing with those videos? How can they build a video marketing campaign and get a return on their video investment?

bizVideo is the critical marketing tool they need to succeed. They already know you. You are their go to expert for video production. You are the one to sell bizVideo to them.

bizVideo campaigns are accessible to
anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device

Link to any
online channels like:

Link to any
offline source like:

Link to
social media:

Customer Comments & Conversations

Oanh - printing and marketing services

How many new prospects will see your video when your campaign is available on all these channels, from all these sources and social platforms?

  • Even the owner of a small business can utilize online and offline links
  • Oanh pushes her campaigns out on 9 different channels and sources
  • It's so easy to do with bizVideo

Now That's Video Marketing Done Right!

Three More Ways to Monetize bizVideo
Do You Produce Videos?
- Add bizVideo campaign services to your service, offer complete production and marketing packages and sell more videos
- Add a second revenue stream building bizVideo campaigns for your production customers
Use bizVideo to Build Lists for Clients
- Use bizVideo to supply new prospects for a client's list or even build complete lists for them
Use bizVideo to Build Lists for Yourself
- automatic list building with list segmentation and 100% opt ins make bizVideo your greatest list builder

The bizVideo Profit Equation

  • bizVideo campaigns provide unlimited access
  • Greater access means more views
  • More views generate more subscribers, opt ins, leads and sales
  • And that means more dollars for you

Grow Business
Invest in bizVideo

bizVideo's Coherent Campaign Interface
Your Secret Marketing Weapon

Keep Them Focused on YOUR Message

You want viewers' attention focused on your video, and only your video. With bizVideo's Coherent Campaign Interface, there are no other videos in sight. No distracting ads or videos of rainbow unicorns or flying turtles. Your viewer stays focused on your video, your message. You've worked hard to get their attention; you don't want to loose them now.

Capitalize on Their Interest

Once your video grabs their interest, you want to capitalize on that interest. Fast!
Timing is everything and the best time to ask prospects to share data is when they are the most engaged, at their peak point of interest. That is while they are watching your video and immediately afterwards.

Highest Conversion Rate

With bizVideo, your conversion rate is high because viewers never leave your campaign. They do not need to click away from your campaign to find the contact form. With bizVideo's Coherent Campaign Interface, it's right there on the screen. They can share their contact information, make a comment or submit a question at any time, even while your video is still playing. No other video marketing product can do that.

No Clicks, No Links and No Distractions Translates Into Higher Conversion Rates for Your Success


Nothing Matches the Conversion
Power of bizVideo

Customer Comments & Conversations

Jackie - legal services

  • For Jackie it's really quite simple, her bizVideo campaigns alert her to which prospects are interested in her services
  • She spends her time following up with only those prospects who have a genuine interest
  • Isn't that how you want to spend your time?

Customer Comments & Conversations

Jennifer - personal products

  • As a solopreneur, Jennifer cannot waste time chasing down weak leads
  • bizVideo identifies who is motivated so she knows who needs her attention, NOW
  • Jennifer works more efficiently and services more clients

Customer Comments & Conversations

Kerry - marketing consultant

  • Every additional click lowers your conversion rate
  • As a marketing consultant, Kerry understands the impact of those additional clicks
  • With bizVideo's data capture right from the screen, there's no need for landing pages

Six Bonus Features Built into your
bizVideo Campaign

1. Automatic List Building

Manually entering prospect data is time consuming and prone to errors. After all that effort to get that lead, you don't want to lose it now. bizVideo automatically adds every new lead to your list. All leads are opted in so your list is clean and ready for you to go build your business.

Customer Comments & Conversations

Tameka - realtor

  • Buying leads from a third party just does not work. Not only their information provided is wrong, but they get sold to so many
  • bizVideo leads are real because the buyer has actually provided their information
  • bizVideo leads are 100% yours. They are not sold to a bunch of competitors
  • Generating leads with bizVideo campaigns is so much better

2. Automatic List Segmentation

bizVideo automatically sorts new leads by campaign. This automatic sorting makes it easy to build campaigns targeting specific audience segments. Segmentation marketing has proven to increase ROI by 15% or more and it's built into your bizVideo account.

Customer Comments & Conversations

Kerry - marketing consultant

  • Kerry's midsize clients employ multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • They have to know which campaign attracted each prospect
  • With bizVideo, her clients know where a lead came from
  • They can address the client's interest at the very first point of contact and convert more leads into appointments, proposals and sales

3. Search Engine Marketing

bizVideo campaigns are automatically optimized for search engines. Tags are built in for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as geo location. Your video marketing SEO is done for you. What you save in SEO expenses more than pays for bizVideo.

Customer Comments & Conversations

Sean - financial services

  • Sean uses social media in his marketing mix
  • He takes full advantage of bizVideo's social sharing functions to extend his reach
  • So can you

4. My Call List (CRM)

bizVideo's built in CRM system, My Call List, provides 5 distinctly important business functions.

  • First, My Call List automatically adds all new leads to your database in real time. You can see who is interested instantly.
  • Second, it also tells you which campaign they responded to. So you know what caught their interest and what information they requested.
  • Third, My Call List also tells you which new leads came in today so you can easily check on the new leads and get back to them right away.
  • Fourth, you can make notes right in My Call List while you are talking to them. You can write call back reminders and more.
  • Fifth, you can access My Call List from your cell, tablet or laptop at any time.

With My Call List, you can always stay on top of new leads, which leads you need to call back, what information they requested, which campaign caught their interest, check call back reminders and much more. Everything you need to convert new leads into customers and sales.

Customer Comments & Conversations

Mike - commercial insurance agent

  • Mike needs to respond to every inquiry ASAP
  • bizVideo puts his new leads on his cell so he can call them in seconds
  • Mike lands more customers

5. Call On The Go

Up to 64% of all Internet leads are wasted because no one responds in time*. That means you can increase your conversion rate up to 64% just by calling them or sending them a text quickly.

My Call List gives you all the information about your leads. Call On The Go makes following up with them a piece of cake. With Call On The Go you can contact any lead, right away, right from your cell.

  • Want to talk with your new lead? Call them instantly with one touch of your finger
  • Want to send them a text? You can send a text as fast as you can write or speak your message
  • Want to send them an email? Click on their email address and start typing.

Stay ahead of your competition and impress prospects with your instant response to their needs.
It's all built into Call On The Go.

* Steve Olenski, Forbes 2012

Customer Comments & Conversations

Sean - financial services

  • Sean needs to know more than just the number of views his video generated
  • He also needs to know who is interested so he can reach out to them right away
  • With bizVideo you spend your time pursuing leads that are ready to buy

6. Direct Sales Made Simple

With bizVideo, direct sales can be just one click away. Insert the link to your order form into your campaign and start driving direct sales. Keep them focused, keep them interested, and make it easy to buy with a purchase just one click away.

That's how you turn video marketing into video sales.

Five More Ways to Monetize bizVideo

Using bizVideo to generate leads for sales

- generate and identify highest quality leads and sell them to others
Use bizVideo to build traffic

- capitalize on their peak interest and link to your web site
Build your subscriber base

- use bizVideo to get new subscribers, they can subscribe right in your campaign
Offer campaign services

- Design, build and run video marketing campaigns for marketing coaches, consultants and marketing agencies
Affiliate sales

- sell bizVideo to your customers

Compare bizVideo to Others

Campaign Building
bizVideo's Coherent Campaign Interface
Use any video (YouTube, pre-recorded, record on the fly from your cell phone)
Access video campaigns on any device (cell phone, laptop, desktop, tablet etc.)
Real time capture of contact data on screen
All campaign content is reusable - maintained in your bizVideo galleries
Link to order forms, store fronts or any web page for direct sales
Mobile ready - view campaigns on any device
Build entire campaigns from your cell
Your contact info automatically added to your campaign
Simple copy/paste social media posting
Unlimited concurrent videos - you can update as often as you like
Lead Generation
Acquire viewers' contact data at anytime, even while video is playing
Acquire names, email addresses, phone and inquiry of interested buyers
No links, no clicks, no distractions, your viewer stays focused
Track leads on your phone, tablet and laptop in real time
List Building
Automated List building for each campaign in real time
Automatic list segmentation
List is fully opted in
Respond to leads
Call on the go feature makes your leads available on your cell phone (and other devices) in real time
One touch dialing or texting for following up
Quick response (in less than 1 minute)
Text messaging and text chat
Real Time Updates & Dynamic QR Codes
One link and one QR Code. Print QR Codes on business cards and flyers and never need to reprint
Viewers will always see the latest content
Update any element of your campaign at any time
Boost ROI
Linking of campaigns with your bizVideo partners (power team)
Embed a link to your promos, sales pages, landing pages, websites, events etc.
Built-in SEO with geo location
Built in share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
Simple copy and paste social media posting and check mark under bizVideo
Actionable analytics, measure viewer engagement
Real time stats for views and leads easily viewed on dashboard
Built in CRM
Make notes as you talk to your clients and retrieve them later
Fully compatible with bizMail, bizMail+, bizLead, and bizEvent for marketing & events
24/7 email support
Online help built in
Video tutorials included

Customer Comments & Conversations

Jennifer - personal products

  • Quick response is critical in personal product sales
  • New inquiries appear on her cell, she can dial their number with a single swipe
  • She takes their order and delivers what they need FAST
  • Her customers love her service and keep coming back

Customer Comments & Conversations

Mike - commercial insurance agent

  • Mike can contact his leads via text message within bizVideo
  • He can converse with them in a text chat
  • Mike closes more sales
  • Mike grows his business faster

So What Are You Waiting For?

Build Your First bizVideo Campaign
Start Growing Your Business Today

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Investing in bizVideo will take you miles into the game
Here are some more ways to leverage your bizVideo campaigns

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Furnish YouTube's missing elements


Make TV advertising work for you


Video marketing via texting is fast and easy with bizVideo


Extract more value from your webinar or meeting


This is Your Last Chance

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Overcome social media's biggest limitation


Supercharge email marketing with bizVideo