The Five Pillars - Foundation of an Effective Marketing Campaign

The Five Pillars

Foundation of an Effective Marketing Campaign


There is a lot of stuff written about marketing. You can attend seminars, read books and articles and even pay to go to school, just to learn about marketing. Reading all this material and listening to all these marketing experts can be quite the learning experience. It can also leave you totally confused and lost. So let me break it down to it's simplest terms.

There are five things that every marketing campaign must have or do if it's going to be effective. I call them the Five Pillars of Effective Marketing. They are the foundation that any good campaign is built on. Get these five things right and your campaign will generate good sales leads.


The List

In many respects every marketing campaign starts with the list. You must identify who you are selling to, who are the folks likely to need or want to buy what you are selling? This is your target audience.

A simple example: if you are selling tires you want a list of people who own cars.

You can't grow your business just selling to the same people over and over again. Eventually you need new customers, To get new customers you need to send your message out to new people. You need access to a mailing list of folks who are inclined to buy your product.

That is why each and every bizApps marketing plan includes a demographically targeted mailing list.  bizApps plans include mailing lists with thousands of your targeted contacts.


The Message

Let's assume you have identified your target audience and have a list with thousands of them. Now you need an effective message. Your message has to get your readers attention and motivate them to take action. Crafting effective copy like this takes training, knowledge and skill just like a musician or professional athelete. An amatuer message will produce amatuer results.

Content for your bizApps campaign is crafted by direct response copy writing professionals who shape and hone your message to reach your target audience and motivate them to take action.


The Delivery

Once you have an effective message you have to get it out there in front of your target audience. In today's market GenXers, Millenials and even Baby Boomers are digitally connected with smart phones and tablets.  At any given moment your targeted contacts are hanging out on facebook, watching Youtube, checking their email, looking at their phone apps and searching the web for something.

To get your message in front of them you need to deliver it everywhere they might be. You also have to deliver it to every device they may be using. If you deliver your campaign only on email and just to laptops you dramatically cut your chances of reaching your targeted contacts.

An integrated marketing campaign is one that delivers your message on mulitple channels and to every device. Integrated campaigns have proven to increase response rates as much as three hundred percent! That's why you want to tap the power of integrated marketing for your campaigns.

With bizApps you harness the power of true integrated marketing. bizApps can deliver your well crafted message anywhere, anytime and to any device. Your message reaches your target no matter where they are hanging out in the digital or offline world.


The Data

You created a great message, succeeded in getting that message in front of your targeted audience, now you need to know who is interested. bizApps monitors the interactions of every contact with your campaign. It analyses their interactions to identify those who are interested. These interested folks are your “hot leads”, they are the people your sales staff need to contact, right now.

With bizApps you don't have to spend your time pouring over analytics reports trying to figure out who your should call. bizApps gathers all the data, analyzes it and identifies your hot leads for you.


Deliver the Leads to Sales

Old leads are a like old fish, they stink. The whole point of marketing is to deliver qualified leads to sales. An effective marketing campaign has to generate good quality leads. But those leads are useless if you can't get them into the hands of your salespeople, fast.


bizApps identifies your hot leads and sends them straight to your salespersons cell phone and laptop,,,in real time. Your sales people receive an alert that they have a new lead to contact. They receive that lead on their laptop, tablet or cell phone. On their cell phone they can dial the contact phone number or send text message or send email with a single touch and immediately begin to engage.


Build your success on the Five Pillars

No matter how you build and deliver your campaigns, with or without bizApps, an effective campaign  is built on these five pillars.

  1. You need a mailing list of folks who are likely to buy what you are selling
  2. You have to craft an effective message
  3. You must be able to deliver that message to your target audience
  4. You need to identify who is interested
  5. Finally, you need to deliver those interested leads to sales

Each bizApps program, from Basic to Light to Elite, addresses and builds on the Five Pillars of Effective Marketing. With bizapps we help you identify your target audience and provide a demographically targeted mailing list. Your message is crafted for you by our professionals. That message is then delivered on multiple channels and to every device. bizApps monitors every contact's interactions with the campaign and identifies the interested leads for you. bizApps then forwards your hot leads to your cell phone, laptop or tablet for immediate follow up.