The Four Requirements of Smart Marketing

The Four Requirements of Smart Marketing

There are two ways to spend your marketing dollars, smart and foolish. The difference between the two hinges on the Four Key Requirements of Marketing. If your plans meet these four requirements you will likely succeed and that would be a smart choice. But if your marketing plans are missing one or more of these four key elements the odds are your marketing will fail. That would be a foolish thing to do.

So what are these Four Requirements and how to you ensure your marketing meets all four of them?


First Requirement - Skill

An effective marketing message grabs the reader's attention and motivates him/her to click, call, inquire, opt-in or place an order. You need a specific set of skills to produce a message that can do that. Direct Response copy writers are trained with those skills. They can craft emails and sales letters that get people to click, to subscribe and to buy. Professional copy can get your emails opened and get the click. That is what it takes to generate the leads you need for sales.

Very few business owners are professionally trained copy writers. Unfortunately most people who want to sell you their marketing products, schemes or systems are not trained copy writers. So when you are planning your marketing efforts make darn sure somebody is bringing direct response copy writing skills to the table. Without those skills your marketing is missing the first Key Requirement and that is just plain foolish.

With bizApps™ (bizApps) marketing your copy is produced by professionally trained direct response copy writers. bizApps turns the element of Skills into an element for your sweet success.


Second Requirement – Tools

Would you try to build a house with just a hammer? Of course not! Your construction plans will include plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems and more. To build each of those systems you need special tools.

So why would you consider building your business with just email or just your web site? In today's digital world your marketing plans must include social media, landing pages, mobile messaging and more. You need special tools for each of those channels.

When you hire a general contractor to build your house you expect him to bring all the tools needed to build your whole house. When you consider a marketing solution it should include all the tools needed to build your business. Any single channel solution is like a half empty tool box or a contractor without his truck. Single channel solutions do not provide all the tools you need.

Pixl Inc. (Pixlinc) is like a custom home builder. Our bizApps marketing programs provide all the tools needed to build your business. From design through planning to final delivery of leads, bizApps marketing programs provide all the tools and the skilled tradesmen to use them.


Third Requirement - Time

Time! We never seem to have enough of it. Everyday you “take” the time to deal with pressing business problems. You “lose” a lot of time in meetings. Then you try to “carve” out some time for your family. How in the heck are you supposed to “find” the time for marketing?

Any marketing solution that requires you to spend tons of your time producing marketing is a waste of time. Even if you have the skills and the tools to effectively produce your own marketing, is that a wise use of your time? As the owner, CEO or even Director of Marketing should you spend your time writing copy, creating graphics or writing HTML code?

I've got an idea for you. Let us spend our time building and delivering your marketing campaigns for you. Just like your general contractor we supply all the materials, the tools and the experienced professionals. You spend your time running your business while we spend our time developing and delivering your marketing campaigns. bizApps is the best use of your marketing time.


Fourth Requirement - Money

The truth is you don't need to have any marketing skills, you don't need any marketing tools and you don't have to spend much of your long as you have money.

You can always hire skilled marketing pro's who have the tools and pay them for their time. But it's expensive. That is why only large companies could afford professional marketing services and smaller businesses were left to fend for themselves.


Until now

Finally there is an affordable marketing solution for small and mid size companies. What kind of money are we talking about? To give you an idea let's look at what it costs to produce and deliver a conventional small email marketing campaign.

Le't s price out a small email campaign with a series of 4 emails. We will need a professional copy writer to produce our emails. A mid priced freelancer will cost us at least $600 for the four messages.

We don't have a great mailing list so we need to rent a small mailing list of 10,000 contacts. The list vendor can deliver our emails for us so their quote includes the cost of mailing the list four times.   Quote for list rental and delivery 4 times: $6,000

Total email campaign cost:  $6,600.

If we run our little email campaign once a month for a year our annual marketing budget is over $79,000.


The High Cost of Conventional Marketing

If you budget 5% of your total revenue for marketing then you need to gross over 1.5 million just to cover the cost of your small email campaigns!

The companies who aggressively market with email, web sites, social media and a mobile app can easily spend $500 Thousand and more on conventional marketing. At 5% of gross revenue you need to gross over $9 Million to cover that kind of marketing budget! You can see why only large companies have been able to sustain aggressive marketing efforts.


bizApps, the Affordable Alternative

Pixlinc delivers fully integrated, multi-channel online marketing for a fraction of these costs. One full year with the bizApps Elite program delivers 8 fully integrated campaigns including email, social media, mobile and web pages for less than $35,000.

Did I mention that price includes a custom mailing list of 10,000 targeted contacts?

With bizApps programs starting as low as $6,000 even the very small business can finally afford real world, effective, professional marketing.


Cover all Four Requirements with bizApps

When considering any marketing solution be sure you think of your Four Requirements:

            Skills – with bizApps we bring our skilled staff to you

            Tools – with bizApps we use Pixlinc's integrated marketing tools

            Time -  with bizApps you use our time, not yours

            Money -  bizApps delivers big company marketing on small company budget