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Launch into explosive growth. With VT (Video Transformations) enabled, your growth is fueled by the two greatest forces in marketing, online marketing and promotional products.

  • Hundreds, even thousands of your top buyers can view your latest video every time they pick up your branded sanitizer, water bottle or T-shirt. More buyers watching means more business for you.
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Generate 40% or more quality views compared to Google PPC, Facebook or others.

Enjoy Exponental Growth - Become VT Reseller

Turn T-shirts, TV ads, blogs, emails, text, social media, brochures, web pages, mailers and more into interactive video campaigns. Use any video to capture and identify leads, build lists and close sales. Build your brand, market and sell online.

  • Use any video - Selfie, YouTube, Pre-recorded
  • Capture data at peak point of engagement

  • Evergreen links keep campaigns refreshed

  • Geolocation, SEO
  • Enhance ads
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No other marketing tool can place your video on more channels than bizVideo. It's so easy to link your bizVideo campaign to any online channel; there simply is no reason not to use them all. -- Jennifer, personal products ********* bizVideo's evergreen links and QR codes, I avoid reprinting and redistributing my materials each time I make an update in my bizVideo campaigns. That is awesome and is a huge saving. I can't imagine no one ever thought about it. -- Jim, employment consultant and coach ********* I need to know more than just the number of views my video generated. I need to know who is interested so I can reach out to them right away. With bizVideo, I spend my time pursuing leads that are ready to buy. No where else can you get that. -- Sean, financial services


You sold your products and services, built your mailing list. Sell even more by keeping in touch with your buyers



The tool you need to continously market your products & services

High efficiency email delivery

Invest just 4 hours a month to maintain your market presence & generate leads

Launch email campaigns in minutes

Put campaigns on auto pilot

Grow subscribers. Build mailing lists

Unlimited mailing lists, unlimited campaigns

Use any list, including bizVideo lists

Store up to a quarter million prospects

Get a live insight into email opens

Deliver landing pages (including bizVideo campaigns) to your buyers

Shares common database with bizVideo

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Over the last 6 months, I've run several customized email campaigns for my Inside Sales Team. By using the dashboard, we're instantly able to see the results. This allows my team to be much more productive. This is a must for any Inside Sales Team. -- Dave

You started marketing. Now target your campaigns to your buyers' interest.

Take bizMail to the next level

With bizMail+, know who is interested in your offer and respond with a single click, increasing your chances of closing the deal

  • Enhanced Tracking Intelligence, go beyond email opens
  • Know who opened your email in real time
  • With one touch feature, engage your buyer at peak point of interest
  • Put list segmentation to work, including bizVideo lists
  • Your buyers receive promotions targeted to them
  • Host & deliver audio, videos to your buyers
  • Build better opt-in list
  • Launch email campaigns in minutes
  • Put campaigns on auto pilot
  • Additional free deliveries
  • Store up to quarter million prospects
  • Shares common database with bizVideo

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As a sales professional, I was searching for a way to easily reach a large number of prospects using the internet. I found that bizApps is an extremely effective tool. I was able to attract an audience and determine the exact interest level of each of my prospects. The over-all results were a verifiable hit ratio of over 20%. The system allows me to quickly know which of my prospects are truly interested. I've also been able to easily create professional emails and incorporate them in a campaign to generate on-going interest. -- Dana



What do I get out of bizVideo?

A video is powerless if no one ever sees it. Simply putting your video on YouTube or Facebook does not cut it. bizVideo makes your videos accessbile to anyone, anywhere, at anytime and on any device in a matter of minutes. Use any video to capture leads, build lists and close sales while they watch. Video marketing with one link, one QR Code, Change anytime. bizVideo transforms videos into marketing & sales. Find out more.


How does bizMail or bizMail+ add value to my bizVideo campaigns?

bizVideo generates & automatically segments new buyers by campaigns. bizMail and bizMail+ let you reach out to these buyers for newer promotions. Launch email campaigns targeting these segments. Set up once and put your campaigns on auto pilot. But that's not all. Find out more.