The Decision of a Lifetime

It's the middle of the night but Richard DuPree isn't sleeping. The calm veil of darkness did little to stop the relentless debate in his mind. His company's stock is sinking, sales are falling and he can practically smell the fear and panic surrounding him. It's one heck of a time to take over as President.

He knows that everyone is looking for him to save the day. Sitting alone, in the dark, he realizes that he must act swiftly and decisively. He knows the future of the company, the security of his family and his good name all depend on what he does next. The decision he makes right now may very well determine the fate of his company. It could determine the fate of yours as well.

It's 1930 and Richard DuPree has just taken over the reigns of Proctor and Gamble. Banks are failing, the stock market has crashed and the U.S. is in the grip of the greatest depression in history. Conventional wisdom dictates that Richard should cut cash flows to a minimum and hope the business hangs on long enough to see the upturn.


Where Others See Despair, He Sees Opportunity

But Richard sees an opportunity. Proctor and Gamble makes soap, all kinds of soap. He realizes that no matter what, families still have to bathe, wash clothes and clean dishes. That means they still have to buy soap.

So the only real question is whose soap will they buy?

DuPree believes they will buy the soap they know, they will buy soap they like. He believes they will buy the brand that doesn't run and hide but stays with them in tough times. They may not be able to buy a new car or new clothes but they can buy their favorite soap. Richard realizes it will take marketing to make his soaps the brands they buy.


Richard DuPree Made His Decision

Richard has to make a decision. He can follow conventional wisdom and sit tight like everybody else. Or he can do something bold and commit to marketing.  Richard DuPree made his decision that night. He increased the P&G's marketing budget to the highest levels in company history.

Because of his bold decision Proctor and Gamble nearly doubled their sales during the worst economic disaster in our country's history. To this day Proctor and Gamble is dedicated to constant marketing. Their success worldwide is testimony to the simple idea that you must always be marketing. One shot campaigns will not build your brand or produce the steady supply of leads you need. Constant marketing is the key to your growth and success.



Are You Ready To Make Yours?

When you choose to invest in marketing you are investing in your business. Committing to a consistent marketing effort is a declaration of your faith in the future, in your ability to deliver something of value and your belief that people will buy the value you offer.


You have the bizApps™ Advantage

When Richard DuPree made his decision he didn't know HOW he was going to do all this marketing. You have a tremendous advantage over Richard. You have bizApps to help you tap the power of the Internet, social media, email and mobile media channels.

You have more delivery channels at your disposal than at any time in history. With bizApps you have an easy and affordable vehicle that can deliver your marketing to anyone, anywhere at any time.

All you need is the will to make your commitment to constant marketing.

It's time you made your decision.