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Advertising, marketing, sales or just trying to run lean and effective, our AI powered Morphin$ (Morphing) Codes deliver it all. From ready to go packages to custom built solutions and everything in between - there is something for everyone.

We Harnessed the True Power of Video Marketing

So You Can Unleash that Power In Your Video Campaigns


Connecting Sales Opportunities


Launch into explosive growth. With VT (Video Transformations) enabled, your growth is fueled by the two greatest forces in marketing, online marketing and promotional products.

  • Hundreds, even thousands of your top buyers can view your latest video every time they pick up your branded sanitizer, water bottle or T-shirt. More buyers watching means more business for you.

Generate 40% or more quality views compared to Google PPC, Facebook or others.

Turn T-shirts, TV ads, blogs, emails, text, social media, brochures, web pages, mailers and more into interactive video campaigns. Use any video to capture and identify leads, build lists and close sales. Build your brand, market and sell online.

  • Use any video - Selfie, YouTube, Pre-recorded
  • Capture data at peak point of engagement

  • Evergreen links keep campaigns refreshed

  • Geolocation, SEO
  • Enhance ads

No other marketing tool can place your video on more channels than bizVideo. It's so easy to link your bizVideo campaign to any online channel; there simply is no reason not to use them all. -- Jennifer, personal products ********* bizVideo's evergreen links and QR codes, I avoid reprinting and redistributing my materials each time I make an update in my bizVideo campaigns. That is awesome and is a huge saving. I can't imagine no one ever thought about it. -- Jim, employment consultant and coach ********* I need to know more than just the number of views my video generated. I need to know who is interested so I can reach out to them right away. With bizVideo, I spend my time pursuing leads that are ready to buy. No where else can you get that. -- Sean, financial services


Customer Comments & Conversations

Jennifer - personal products


Tameka - Real Estate


Don't see what you need from our packages? No worry, we love to design custom solutions!


Grow profits; raise funds; turn boxes, wraps, packaging into profits; increase HCAHPS scores; win your next election; achieve academic excellence; deliver on the job training and safety instruction; reach sustainability; increase Pwin


Let's build one for you. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Real Estate

Large scale commercial and residential projects are complex with multiple stake holders. Guiding these projects requires an endless stream of communications, presentations, open houses / video tours, and media distribution. Bring together yard signs, brochures, handouts, mailers, emails and social media. From project conception to early stage development and all the way until the wrap up, Morphin$ Codes play a significant role.

  • Attract investors
  • Get approvals
  • Build comunity support
  • Marketing and sales


Are you embracing the values of HRO (High Reliability Organization)? Are you grappling with quality of care, safety, patient satisfaction, hiring and retaining staff, and training? We have the perfect solution for you.

  • Improve HCAHPS scores
  • Increase patient flow
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Attract & retain quality staff
  • Streamline information flow
  • Deliver effective training
  • Engage staff and boost morale
  • Attract donations

Educational Institutions

How are you tackling the challenges of providing a culture of inclusion, engagement, diversity, and personnel satisfaction among the student body, faculty and staff? Are you ensuring high graduation rates and academic success? We have the perfect solution for you.

Build a supportive learning environment, bring in donations, offer comprehensive student services with Morphin$ Code and

  • Interact with students, faculty, and staff with a video that can change with the day
  • Engage the community and boost morale with a personal touch
  • Make the university store more accessible and increase sales
  • Promote public private partnerships
  • Attract and retain qualified staff using video strategy
  • Promote student satisfaction with AI powered insights.


Charities and non-profits foster community engagement to drive economic growth or just spread the cause. By introducing new programs and spreading the existing ones, they are able to serve more people in the community.

Morphin$ Codes are the perfect solution in building their infrastructure, recruiting volunteers, hosting gala events and also

  • Advertising
  • Selling products
  • Launching membership drive
  • Fund raising
  • Promoting brand, program and mission
  • Marketing and sales
  • Developing partnerships
  • Advocating issues

Training and Safety

Training has traditionally been delivered via books and in person. Educational material can be much more effective when it's interactive, self paced, loaded with videos, graphics, animations and audio in addition to text. Have a problem delivering that material to the ones who need and when they need it, go the Morphin$ way.

  • Deliver content securely
  • Deliver content in any format
  • Stay focused - no distractions, no ads
  • Make it interactive
  • Provide follow up training
  • Provide convenience and flexibility

Grocery Chains

When dealing with low margins, you need to leverage every possible avenue to bring in revenue. Turn your real estate into biggest opportunity with Morphin$ Codes. In addition to renting shelf space, leverage it to generate revenue from multiple sources. Store front, flyers, magazines, signs, packaging, labels, and even receipts "signage" - use all to generate revenues.

  • Present weekly offers, coupons, and deals
  • Entice the buyer, show the cooking demo from the signage - sell the meal kit
  • Evergreen signage, change your deals without reprinting
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Showcase vendors for profits



The travel industry has gone through a lot of changes, but one thing remains the same. The guests still want that personal touch. More personal touches induce that warm and fuzzy feeling. Adapt innovative, effective and economical ways to do personalization.

  • Market your promotions, deals, and ads
  • Entice your guests
  • Customize promotions to the guest's preferences
  • Leverage trends for focused targeting
  • Be the first in their minds at the critical point when they decide about their destination


You paid the money and bought the Ad. Along with your ad, the viewers are presented with competing ads, distracting away from yours. With Morphin$ Codes, your ad is all they see. No cute kitten videos, no competing ads, they see your and only your ad. Moreover, they view your ad. from mugs, bottles, key rings, facebook, email and more. Morphin$ Codes help in:

  • Brand awareness
  • Sales boost
  • Customer retention
  • Accountable advertising
  • Evergreen ads - no reprint, no republish
  • Stay focused - no distractions, no third party ads

Push those hot leads straight to the phone. Embrace the power of creativity, relatability, and emotional connection with Morphin$ Codes.



Today's buyer shops online before even walking to a showroom. How can you sway their decision while they are still shopping?

  • Capture their attention with a video test drive
  • Seize that moment of impulse
  • Deliver your promotions, deals at the peak point of engagement
  • Sway buyer's decision so they come to you first?
  • Push those hot leads right to the phone
  • Leverage trends for focused targeting

Sell more cars and clear your lots faster with Morphin$ Codes


Government Contracting


What's your Pwin (Probability of win)?

Increase your Pwin, achieve stellar performance, retain the contract. Solid strategy, tactical moves backed by our Morphin$ Codes gives you a tremendous advantage in thriving on contracts.


Let's build one for you. Free conultation is just a click away.

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