Two times the leads

Two times the opt ins

Two times the sales


Basic Double Punch

Want to double the results of your bizVideo campaigns? Can you handle twice as many new leads or two times the number of opt inst? Are you prepared to handle twice as many sales? Then you should add the Double Punch OTO to your Basic account.

Double Punch lets your Basic account run two campaigns instead of one. With two campaigns you can capture twice the opt ins and build your list two times faster. But you won't pay twice the price because Double Punch gives you a 35% discount.

Double Punch also adds 750 more views which means 1,000 new prospects could be watching your video this month! Double Punch adds 5 GB of storage so you can easily store all the video, sales copy, links and media images you need.

This is the only opportunity to enhance your Basic account accelerating the growth of your business. Adding a second campaign, 750 views and 5 GB of storage is well worth the regular monthly price of $60. But right now you get all that with Double Punch for just $40.

Click on the Buy Now button to transform your Basic account with a Double Punch and harness twice the power of video marketing. If you don't buy it now this one time offer is gone.

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bizVideo Double Punch

Double the Results

  • Additional 750 views** makes a total of 1000 views

  • Additional 1 campaign** makes a total of 2 campaigns

  • Additional 5 GB Storage** makes a total of 10 GB storage

35% off

bizVideo Double Punch